4 Techniques for Cooling Older Homes

If you have an older home without a central AC system, Air Conditioning of Arizona can help you explore ways to keep it cool. While normal air conditioners may not work with older homes, you still have a variety of ways to move forward.

1. Add Fans

Having fans in your home can keep air circulating so that hot areas don’t build up. A whole-house fan is the most efficient way to keep an entire home cool. If you’re concerned about certain rooms, smaller individual fans can be placed around your home to blow air throughout the space.

2. In-Wall and In-Window AC Systems

While in-wall and in-window AC units aren’t as energy efficient as a central AC unit, they are great for keeping smaller spaces cool. They can be placed in many different types of areas and can be sized for your unique situation.

3. Mini-Split AC Systems

For years, mini-split AC systems have been popular in Europe and Japan where many homes don’t have a central AC system. These units mount high on the wall of rooms and are small and discreet. They are highly energy-efficient and can allow you to set different temperature zones in your home.

4. Keep the Sun out of Your Home

The easiest way to keep older homes cool is to not let the sun heat it up. Keep your windows covered with shades whenever the sun is hitting them so that it can’t heat the room up. When the sun isn’t shining, open up the blinds. If it cools off at night, keep your windows open while the sun is down. Close them again when the outside air heats up.

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