Planning for Your HVAC Service Visit

An HVAC system can work well throughout the year. And then, at the worst possible time, problems arise. Calling a top local service technician could help restore the unit to proper working order. Even if the system works fine, contacting a technician for cleaning and inspection cuts down on the chances of operational problems arising. Whether the service call is routine or an emergency, make sure you plan things out properly. Doing so boosts the likelihood the HVAC service call works out smoothly. So, what can you do?

Read the Service Manual

Hopefully, you kept that manual safely stored away. You’ll want to skim the manual right before the service technician arrives. This way, you’ll get a better understanding of the system and the work the technician performs. While you won’t lend any assistance to the repair team, knowing more about the HVAC allows you to ask pertinent questions. The answers may lead you to learn how to better care for the HVAC unit.

Keep the Warranty Documents Nearby

Depending upon what the technician discovers during the initial inspection, repair work and parts replacements may become necessary. Is the work covered under the parts and labor coverage of your warranty? You won’t know unless you review the coverage contract. Don’t entirely rely on something telling you what is and isn’t covered. Errors and oversights occur. So, do your part and read over the warranty. You want the best repair work available. Air Conditioning of Arizona promises to deliver perfection when performing any service work. Our company has spent many years providing solid HVAC tune-up and repair service to customers in the Scottsdale, AZ, region.

Be Sure Someone Is There to Let the Technician Inside

If your work schedule makes it tough for you to be home when the technician arrives, make sure a trusted friend, relative, or neighbor can let the team inside. You don’t want the technician to leave because no one was there to open the door. Also, make yourself available in some way to sign any necessary documents. Maybe you can receive any repair documents via emails and return a digitally signed copy.

Air Conditioning of Arizona in Scottsdale, AZ, wants you to inquire about work needed for your HVAC system. A company rep stands by for your call, so place the call today! Our company handles cooling and heating installation and repair for commercial and residential properties and also offers maintenance contracts.

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